1. IRS Payment Plans
    The IRS offers a variety of options for monthly payment plans. We have the knowledge and experience to be able to choose the right one for you based on your financial situation and the IRS guidelines. Select an option to learn more:
  2. Offers in Compromise
    Sometimes people cannot afford to repay their taxes, even with monthly payment plans, and sometimes you don't really owe the amount of taxes the IRS says you do. In these cases, sometimes the IRS is willing to accept a settlement to let you repay less than the full amount the IRS says you owe.
  3. Currently Not Collectible Status
    If you are in a situation where you cannot afford to pay anything to the IRS and still keep up with your necessary expenses, the IRS can grant you a temporary (or permanent) reprieve from repayment of the taxes owed.
  4. Innocent Spouse Cases
    If your spouse or former spouse has incurred a tax liability that the IRS is also seeking to collect against you, you may be able to avoid being held responsible for your spouse's tax liability. These cases can be very tricky and the IRS often avoids granting relief, so having an experienced attorney who can bring the case to tax court if necessary is important.
  5. Lump Sum Payments
    You may be able to fully pay off your tax debt in full. If this is the case, you may want someone on your side making sure that the IRS applies your payments correctly to make sure that the problem is solved with minimal stress for you. After this is done, you also may be eligible to have any IRS tax liens against you withdrawn.
  6. Business Tax Issues
    Business tax debts can be some of the toughest tax problems to fix. The IRS is often less understanding in working with businesses and business tax problems can balloon very quickly until the owner feels buried and unable to escape. You need an experienced attorney to help you find the source of your problem, solve it, and get you back on the right track to solving your business tax problem.
  7. Trust Fund Recovery Penalties
    Often with businesses that owe employment taxes, but sometimes with other types of taxes as well, the IRS will seek to recover taxes owed by a business from a business owner or manager. This can pose serious issues for a business owner. Whether you need help avoiding this assessment or whether you need help dealing with an assessment already made, having an experienced tax professional beside you can make a major difference.
  8. Current & Former Federal Employee Tax Issues
    You might think that the IRS would be nicer to people who worked for the federal government, including those who served in the military, but you would be wrong. It is far more difficult to solve a tax problem for someone who worked for Uncle Sam than it is for the average person.
  9. Lien Releases & Withdrawals
    After your tax liability is paid and sometimes even before it's paid, you can request that the IRS release or withdraw the tax liens that were filed against you. A lien release allows your credit to start healing. A lien withdrawal operates as if the lien was never filed and can rapidly improve your credit.
  10. Offshore Asset Disclosures
    If you own bank accounts, life insurance, mutual funds, trusts, businesses, or other financial assets outside the U.S., there are special reporting and tax requirements. Unfortunately, many people were not aware of these and now need to correct errors from the past. Hiring someone with years of experience dealing with these errors can be the difference between a successful offshore asset disclosure and a crippling nightmare.
  11. Tax Audits - Domestic or Foreign Income & Assets
    If you are being audited by the IRS, it can be a very scary process. You need specialized help that can not only understand and explain the financial and tax aspects, but can also present a case for you. An audit is not just about numbers, it's also an audit of your story - of how you got to what was filed (or not filed) with the IRS. Attorneys are uniquely trained to present these facts to the IRS.
  12. State Tax Issues
    The IRS is not the only agency collecting taxes. Most states collect income taxes and all states collect sales taxes (and other taxes as well). Most states also offer resolution options similar to those the IRS offers. If you owe money to your state taxing agency, we may be able to help.
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