Attorney Michelle Wynn will strive to treat you as if you are her only client. She will return all phone calls, emails, etc. in a timely manner and give your case the attention it deserves in order to move it quickly and efficiently towards the solution you need. You will have direct access to your attorney and are encouraged to talk to her as much as is necessary to make you feel comfortable. Your attorney will work diligently to ensure you receive the best resolution possible for your tax problem and to set you up for success in your financial and tax life going forward. 
Wynn Tax Law
Wynn Tax Law is where you will find the help you need to end your tax problem forever. Having a tax problem is stressful - dealing with your attorney doesn't need to be. You need an attorney who will work with you, customize their approach to your needs, make solving your tax problem as easy as possible for you, and help you make any changes needed to avoid these problems again in the future. It is our goal to ensure that your tax problem is resolved with the solution that will work best for you, within the confines of the law. We endeavor to ensure that you gain the knowledge and advice to let you move forward without the stress of tax problems in the future.
Wynn Tax Law
  1. Personal Care
    You will have direct access to your attorney. Your attorney will work with you to find the best solution for you and teach you what you need to know for the future.
  2. Competence
    Attorney Wynn has years of experience solving some of the toughest tax problems in the country. She is constantly developing her knowledge and skills to get the best resolution for you.
  3. Flexibility
    We work with you to cater our services to your needs, not the other way around. If you need after-hours telephone calls or meetings, we can work with you to accommodate these. We offer various fee arrangements to fit your needs.
  1. S. Y. writes:
    S. Y. writes:
    I would recommend wholeheartedly especially in complex tax situations involving foreign assets. Michelle Wynn handled what was a potentially nightmarish and stressful situation with skill, tenacity, integrity, and compassion for which I was very thankful.
  2. H.L. writes:
    H.L. writes:
    Attorney Wynn: RIGHT ON! I wish more tax pros got it like you do.
  3. G.J. writes:
    G.J. writes:
    "Attorney Wynn was extremely prompt in the follow up with the agency and quick to respond back to my queries from time to time.